'Mazing Man

Siegfried Horatio Hunch lll aka 'Mazing Man is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Siegfried Horatio Hunch III was a benign but deranged little man who wore a home-made costume. Calling himself 'Mazing Man, he often did good deeds such as unclogging a drain and watching out for the local children. Hunch was actually a millionaire who won a magazine subscription company sweepstakes (by subscribing to every magazine). Thus, he finances his own arsenal: a utility belt with Band-Aids, trash bags, electrical tape, safety pins, hooks, bottle openers, and tissues.

'Mazing Man also volunteers for the Gotham City Kitty Coop Cat Shelter and once catsitted for a couple named Fiona and Owen. Their cat Precious managed to outsmart 'Mazing Man and convinced him it was stuck up the chimney. 'Mazing Man attempted to think like Batman and proceeded to destroy then rebuild the chimney. He was ready to take the place of Precious but was surprised to see it in Fiona's arms. However, he knocked down the chimney and vowed to repair it.


=Season 3:Edit

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