Adam Strange

Adam Strange is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Michael T. Weiss.


The archaeologist Adam Strange was in Peru when he was unexpectedly transported 25 trillion miles across space to the planet Rann. Strange met a scientist named Sardath who used his Zeta Beam to attempt to communicate but had mistakingly teleported Strange. After using a device to understand Rann language, he learned that the planet was in need of a protector. Strange agreed and used Rann's technology and his own wits to battle alien invasions.

Over time, Strange cared for the people of Rann and fell in love with Sardath's daughter, Alanna. However, the radiation from the Zeta Beam was temporary and when it wore off, he would teleport back to Earth. Luckily, he was independently wealthy and after careful calculation, would travel around the Earth and intercept the next Zeta Beam transmission. When Strange heard about the exploits of Aquaman, he sensed a kindred spirit and carried that jovial attitude to Rann.

Strange became a constant enemy of the Gordanians. In a recent battle, Strange invited Batman to Rann to help. He was disappointed when he met a depressed Aquaman. In the midst of battle, the Zeta Beam radiation wore off and he found himself in Gotham City. Luckily, another transmission would arrive in 45 minutes. Strange returned to Rann to find the Rannian forces weakened and his wife, Alanna, kidnapped by the Gordanians. He was ready to quit until Aquaman rallied everyone to a decisive victory. While Strange rescued Alanna, Aquaman and Batman used the Zeta Beam to transport Earth's Moon to Rann and cause an eclipse that crippled the Eye of Zared weapon.

While on Earth, Strange managed to find the perfect anniversary gift for Alanna. However, while investigating random Zeta Beam appearances, the gift was run over by a car. Strange then discovered Kanjar-Ro had taken control of the Zeta Beam for his latest bid to take over the universe. The battle ended on Rann when a dog that Strange saved bit Ro. Strange took Ro's Energi-Rod and teleported the villain and his Negaton Bomb off the planet. Strange presented Alanna with the dog as his gift.


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