Ambush Bug

Irwin Schwab aka Ambush Bug is the very last superhero in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Henry Winkler.


Irwin Schwab stumbled upon a green suit. This was a case of the right tool falling into the wrong hands. Schwab discovered the suit possessed advanced technology that allowed him to teleport to anyplace on Earth. As Ambush Bug, he wanted to use his power for good but he lacked linear logic and his skewed world view led to some complicated events. Ambush Bug came to the realization that he wasn't real.

While working out at a gym, Ambush Bug learned of Bat-Mite's plan to get rid of a universe and replace it with something cooler. Knowing full well Bat-Mite wasn't a god or network programmer, Ambush Bug set out to reason with Bat-Mite and help Batman save his universe. Bat-Mite didn't listen and succeeded. He realized what Ambush Bug was warning him about and accepted his own erasure. Ambush Bug then quickly organized a farewell party at the Batcave.


Season 3:Edit

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