Apokolips Now! is the seventy-first episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air Date: Edit

April 7, 2012

Teaser: Edit

Batman protects Commissioner Gordon from an assassination attempt by Deathstroke the Terminator, as Nightwing, Speedy, Kid Flash and Aqualad are the only 4 Teen Titans to stop him and uncover him being hired by Rupert Thorne.

Main Plot: Edit

Batman works with the Suicide Squad (consisting of Amanda Waller, Col. Rick Flagg, Bronze Tiger, Captain Boomerang, Count Vertigo, Deadshot, Doctor Light, Harley Quinn, Nightshade, Ravan, Punch & Jewelee, Shade the Changing Man and Vixen) in order to put them through a test of redemption on the Planet Apokolips on making an ultimate sacrifice to secure Equinox's 7th embodiment, with assist from Big Barda and the Forever People. Meanwhile, Waller discretly sends a member of the Squad, Ravan into eliminating Lord Naga on spacecraft he had created after 10 years, while coming into conflict with the JLI.

Trivia: Edit

  • Equinox's Embodiment of Lust on Apokolips' goal is to gain Darksied's power.
  • The Suicide Squad members that died were Ravan, Nightshade and Dr. Light.
  • Vixen's berserker rage has unleashed her animal instinct of a humanoid vixen with hair growing.
  • Characters shown in flashbacks of the Squad's P/O: Zoe Lawton (in Deadshot's P/O), Joker (in Harley's P/O), Captain Cold, Heat-Wave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Trickster, Top and Pied Piper (in Captain Boomerang's P/O), Floronic Man (in Poison Ivy's P/O), Green Arrow (in Count Vertigo's P/O), Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and Wonder Girl (in Dr. Light's P/O), Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, Ra's al Ghul, Ubu, Sensei, Professor Ojo and Hook (in Bronze Tiger's P/O), Atom (in Thinker's P/O)
  • Blue Beetle and Stargirl are seen in a restaurant based on the Rose Cafe.
  • Nightshade was Captain Atom's partner and one-time lover, but dumped him because he has grown more fond of powerful heroes instead of some without powers, and he continues letting his ego get in the way by sayings, "Be a hero, by remembering you're not", which means that when you're a superhero, you aren't really a hero, which is a mockery to citizens who hate Captain Atom for being a jerk, but when Nightshade is killed, Captain Atom then succumb to sadness.

Quotes: Edit

  • Martian Manhunter: Well, Blue Beetle is with Stargirl at the Ice Rink stopping Sportsmaster, Booster Gold is at a convention center showing his comic books, Fire and Ice are swimsuit modeling at Las Vegas, Gardner is in Oa training, Rocket Red is spending time with his family, Power Girl is bringing Krypto for training, Animal Man is in Africa saving a game preserve, Metamorpho is on a date with Sapphire Stagg and we're left with the arrogant Captain Atom.


  • Batman: Why are you two helping these people? Do you know what they are?
  • Bronze Tiger: Like you said, criminal scums!
  • Batman: Listen, Bronze-
  • Bronze Tiger: Bronze Tiger was just a name made up by the League of Shadows, by your old pal, Ra's al Ghul, he had me kidnapped and brainwashed by Professor Ojo into becoming Bronze Tiger, my name is Ben Turner (Flashback begins with Ben Turner at his days in Manhattan) My master was O-Sensei, he trained me and my best friend, Richard Dragon, we started a school in Manhattan, protect it often, we even had help from Lady Shiva to keep it safe. (Cuts to the death of O-Sensei) We were recruited by Barney Ling of an agency called, G.O.O.D., we were sent on a mission to uncover the League of Shadows' operation in China, where Ra's and Ubu were recruiting young ones, when I traced Ra's, I was poisoned and dragged away. (Ends with Turner taken to the fortress) They set me up Sensei, Professor Ojo and Hook, Sensei had Ojo brainwashed me with a life and horror that brought death to his enemies.
  • Batman: So Wong-Fei and the Terrible Trio were actually the solution?
  • Bronze Tiger: yeah, Wong-Fei was a hypocrite.


  • Bronze Tiger (Horrified): Mari! Look at you!!!
  • Vixen (Confused): What? Does anyone tell me what a big butt I have? or even (Notices something strange when she finally looked in the mirror at her reflection of her humanoid vixen form) being an Animal Girl?

Cast: Edit

  • Diedrich Bader as Batman/Punch
  • Crawford Wilson as Nightwing
  • Jason Marsden as Speedy
  • Hunter Parrish as Kid Flash
  • Zach Shada as Aqualad
  • Peter Renaday as Commisioner Gordon
  • Jeremy Irons as Deathstroke the Terminator
  • Powers Boothe as Rupert Thorne
  • Bruce Greenwood as Rick Flagg, Jr.
  • Tom Kenny as Deadshot
  • John DiMaggio as Captain Boomerang/Aquaman
  • Gary Sturgis as Bronze Tiger
  • Cree Summer as Vixen
  • Kristy Wu as Nightshade
  • Tara Strong as Harley Quinn
  • Vanessa Marshall as Poison Ivy/Power Girl
  • Xander Berkley as Count Vertigo
  • Peter MacNichol as Shade the Changing Man
  • Arnold Vosloo as Dr. Light/Ravan
  • Jane Singer as Jewelee
  • CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller
  • Diane Delano as Big Barda
  • Will Friedle as Blue Beetle
  • Hope Levy as Stargirl
  • Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
  • Nicholas Guest as Martian Manhunter
  • Brian Bloom as Captain Atom
  • Sean Donnellan as Elongated Man
  • Alan Tudyk as Barry Allen
  • Vicki Lewis as Wonder Woman
  • Oded Fehr as Equinox
  • Michael Leon-Wooley as Darkseid
  • Pat Carroll as Granny Goodness
  • James Arnold Taylor as Kanto
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Virman Vunderbar
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Lord Naga

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