Garth aka Aqualad is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Zach Shada.


Garth is an Atlantean orphaned at birth. 4,000 years ago, the Idylists, a sect of Atlantean pacifists, relocated and founded the Shayeris colony located in the Hidden Valley. Due to their heritage, they were avid architects and artisans. The Idylists also were practitioners of magic.

After a violent coup, a pregnant Queen Berra was banished to Atlantis. Those who were born with purple eyes were immediately killed as it was a sign that marked the potential for mastery of magic. Garth was born and was mysteriously spared and thrived on his own until a fateful encounter with Aquaman. The pair immediately bonded. Garth took the codename Aqualad and became the sidekick of Aquaman. However, they parted ways when Aqualad yearned to be a hero on his own.

Over time, Aqualad began to resent not being given credit by his mentor on adventures and developed an argumentative relationship with Robin. Years later, they finally both agreed with Speedy's suggestion to short circuit the firing mechanism on Ra's Al-Ghul's Chlorocannon. A short time later, Aqualad and the rest of Atlantis were overwhelmed by Faceless Hunter and dozens of Starro clones.


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