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Ray Palmer aka Atom is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Peter Scholari.


Ray Palmer was once a physicist at Ivy University. One day, he discovered a fragment of a white dwarf star which would prove key to his size reduction experiment. Palmer was later trapped in a cave with several youths out on a nature hike. Palmer used the star matter and lens to shrink down and save the day. He decided to become a superhero and called himself, the Atom. The Atom also earned the nickname of "Tiny Titan." The Atom can retain the power of his original weight at any size and at sub-atomic size, he can travel cirtually anywhere via telephone transmissions, surfing microwaves, or other electronic impulses. The Atom became an ideal candidate for missions that involved infiltration and reconnaissance.

The Atom proved his worth time and time again with his colossal brain and right hook to match. He teamed up with Batman to fight menances such as the Cannoneer and the Thinker. Palmer's eventual decision to retire hit the hero community hard. Luckily, Ryan Choi took up the mantle of Atom. Palmer, meanwhile, relocated his research to South America, somewhere near the Amazon rainforest. He ceased all communication with the outside world. During his experiments, Palmer discovered the Katarthans. He volunteered his knowledge to help repair their spacecraft and soon fell in love with Princess Laethwen. Palmer became their unofficial champion and was given a Katarthan long sword. Chancellor Deraegis resented Palmer's presence and discovered his research. Seeking to become larger, Deraegis planned to seize the throne and then conquer the planet. Elsewhere, Chronos' return prompted Batman to seek out Ray Palmer since Ryan Choi had recently retired. Laethwen and Palmer were captured and set to battle beasts to the death. Batman, Aquaman, and Ryan Choi helped defeated Deraegis. Palmer elected to stay in Morlaidh and marry Princess Laethwen.


Season 3:Edit

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