Basic Training! is the seventyth episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

March 3, 2012


Batman teams-up with Stargirl in order to fight off Solomon Grundy. which Solomon Grundy loses the stitches and gets more hulk!

Main PlotEdit

When the Justice League International isn't ready for action, Batman hires Killowog and Big Barda into training them, Killowog on the boys and Ice, while Big Barda on Fire. But when the Cadre (consisting of Shatterfist, Black Mass, Crowbar, Fastball, Nightfall and Shrike) sneak into the Watchtower, they steal Big Barda's Mega-Rod. Meanwhile, Batman and the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Katana, Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Halo and Looker) infiltrate Baron Bedlam's empire, to prevent him from creating a clone of Adolf Hitler.


  • Fire and Ice are rewarded their third costumes.
  • Villains in the simulations: Killer Moth, Gizmo, Dr. Light, Mad Mod and Dr. Sivana (battled by Booster Gold), Evil Star, Sinestro, Despero, Star Sapphire, Hector Hammond and Tatoo Man (battled by Guy Gardner), Kanjar Ro, Polaris, Scarab, Mantis, Solomon Grundy and Bane (battled by Blue Beetle), Black Mask, Gorilla Grodd, Dr. Destiney, Black Adam, Metallo and Demon (battled by Captain Marvel) and Catwoman, Toyman, Gentlemen Ghost, Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Killer Frost (battled by Ice)
  • Baron Bedlam is revealed to have his mind transferred to a robot version of Bedlam, created by Desaad.


  • Diedrich Bader as Batman/Solomon Grundy/Killowog
  • Hope Levy as Stargirl
  • Will Friedle as Blue Beetle
  • Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
  • James Arnold Taylor as Guy Gardner
  • Grey DeLisle as Fire
  • Jennifer Hale as Ice
  • Jeff Bennett as Captain Marvel
  • Tara Strong as Billy Batson/Katana
  • John DiMaggio as Aquaman
  • Nicholas Guest as Martian Manhunter
  • Bumper Robinson as Black Lightning
  • Scott Menville as Metamorpho
  • Hunter Parrish as Geo-Force
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Halo
  • Diane DeLano as Big Barda
  • Neil Kaplan as Baron Bedlam
  • Keith Szarabajka as Shatterfist
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Black Mass
  • J.B. Blanc as Crowbar
  • Charlie Schlatter as Fastball
  • Jessica DiCicco as Nightfall
  • Candi Milo as Shrike