This is the comic series of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol 1. (2009-2010)Edit

Cover Title Release date #
BMTBATB issue -1
The Panic of the Composite Creature January 2009 1
After teaming up with Aquaman to defeat Carapax, Batman and Power Girl fight a composite monster (under the control of Lex Luthor) which is on a rampage in England.
BMTBATB issue -2
Attack of the Virtual Villains February 2009 2
After teaming up with Superman to take down Toyman, Batman and Blue Beetle fight Thinker when trolls and ogres emerge from a video game and attack the real world.
BMTBATB issue -3
President Batman March 2009 3
After teaming up with Wonder Woman to defeat Doctor Psycho (who is accompanied by Clock King, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, and Two-Face), Batman and Green Arrow must protect the President from Ultra-Humanite.
BMTBATB issue -4
Menace of the Time Thief April 2009 4
After teaming up with Sugar and Spike to defeat Felix Faust, Batman and Aquaman team up to stop Doctor Cyber when she plans to collapse the time stream.
BMTBATB issue -5
The Case of the Fractured Fairy Tale May 2009 5
After teaming up with Haunted Tank to defeat the Key, Batman and Captain Marvel team up to stop the Queen of Fables who is abducting children.
BMTBATB issue -6
Charge of the Army Eternal June 2009 6
After teaming up with Hourman to defeat the Calculator, Batman and Kid Eternity team up to fight General Immortus (assisted by the western Royal Flush Gang). G.I. Robot, Shining Knight, Vigilante, and Viking Prince make appearances as spirits.
BMTBATB issue -7
The Secret of the Doomsday Design July 2009 7
After helping Olympian defeat Circe, Batman helps the Doom Patrol in fighting Mad Mod when he steals some of the Doom Patrol's signature clothes in a plan to integrate them into "suits of doom."
BMTBATB issue -8
Batman Vs. The Yeti August 2009 8
After helping Rising Sun fight a gang of ninjas, Batman teams up with the Great Ten to fight an army of yetis.
BMTBATB issue -9
The Tale of the Catman September 2009 9
After teaming up with many magic-using superheroes (consisting of Doctor Fate, Doctor Occult, Sargon the Sorcerer, and Zatanna) to defeat the Void, Batman has an unlikely team-up with Catman when it comes to stopping villains like Penguin, Riddler, Joker, and Two-Face.
BMTBATB issue -10
Attack of the Colossal Bat-Monster October 2009 10
Hugo Strange has turned Batman into a giant monster that rampages through Gotham City. Now Green Arrow and Atom must stop the Bat-Monster, restore it back to Batman, and defeat Hugo Strange.
BMTBATB issue -11
The Fearsome Fangs Strike Again November 2009 11
After defeating Sportsmaster with the help of the Huntress, Batman and Green Arrow team up to prevent the Terrible Trio from obtaining a totem that will give them ultimate power.
BMTBATB issue -12
Final Christmas December 2009 12
While stopping Calendar Man's latest scheme, Batman is teleported to Rann to help Adam Strange save the universe, and Christmas, from imminent destruction at the hands of the Psions.
BMTBATB issue -13
Night of the Batmen January 2010 13
When Batman breaks his leg during a mission with Angel and the Ape to apprehend some criminals, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man cover for Batman to stop Batman's enemies (like Bane, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Penguin, Catwoman, and Joker) from taking the opportunity to commit crimes.
BMTBATB issue -14
Captured by Mister Camera February 2010 14
After teaming up with Plastic Man to take down the Scarecrow, Batman teams up with Huntress to battle Mr. Camera.
BMTBATB issue -15
Minute Mystery March 2010 15
After teaming up with Super-Hip and Brother Power the Geek to stop Mad Mod, Batman and The Flash compete to see who is the "world's fastest detective." The Fiddler, Paul Gambi and Jay Garrick also make an appearance.
BMTBATB issue -16
Egg Hunt or: The Evil of Egghead April 2010 16
Batman must rescue Teen Titans members Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Speedy from Nocturna. When Wonder Girl reveals that Wonder Woman has been trying to contact her afterwards, Batman joins her to fight Egghead and Egg Fu.
BMTBATB issue -17
A Batman's Work is Never Done May 2010 17
A week in the life of Batman takes him on adventures with Metamorpho (against Mr. Element), the Green Lantern Corps (against Mongul), Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks (against Toyman), Jonah Hex and Bat Lash, Hawkman and Etrigan the Demon (against Gentleman Ghost), the Inferior Five, and the Creeper (against Scarecrow).
BMTBATB issue -18
All in the Mind June 2010 18
Batman teams up with Martian Manhunter to prevent an invasion from Mars by the White Martians.
BMTBATB issue -19
Emerald Knight July 2010 19
Batman teams up with the Green Lantern Corps to prevent Cyborg Superman from killing Hal Jordan and taking over the universe.
BMTBATB issue -20
Solving this Mystery... ...Will Take a Miracle August 2010 20
Big Barda seeks Batman's help when Mister Miracle goes missing and the Female Furies attack New Genesis.
BMTBATB issue -21
The Menace Known as Robert September 2010 21
After teaming up with the Lady Blackhawks to take down King Rex and his Dinosaur Gang, Batman and Hal Jordan team up to stop a creature that emits yellow energy and can mutate living things who calls himself Robert.
BMTBATB issue -22
The Menace Known as Robert October 2010 22
Batman teams up with Aquaman when Ocean Master attacks Atlantis.

The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol 1. (2010-2012)Edit

Cover Title Release date #
Bottle of the Planets November 2010 1
After teaming up with Black Canary to defeat Joker, Batman and Superman shrink investigate a string of robberies inside the Bottle City of Kandor and soon discover that the robberies are committed by Et-Rog.
That Holiday Feeling December 2010 2
Batman and Captain Marvel fight the Psycho-Pirate.
Mirror, Mirror... January 2011 3
Batman and Flash fight the Mad Hatter and Mirror Master in a mirror world.
The Bride and the Bold February 2011 4
Batman and Wonder Woman get married?
Man-hunted March 2011 5
Batman and Guy Gardner team up to fight the Manhunters.
Now you see me April 2011 6
Batman and Martian Manhunter team up to fight Clayface.
Shadows & Light May 2011 7
At the start of his career, Batman ends up running into Gotham City's original protector Green Lantern.
Under The Sea June 2011 8
Batman and Aquaman team-up to search for the artifact of a redeeming pirate's ghost, and must overcome any obstacles.
3:10 To Thanagar July 2011 9
When Batman and Hawkman take down a criminal, they must transfer the criminal to Thanagar while preventing the criminal's gang from freeing their leader.
TANBMTBATB issue -10
Help Wanted August 2011 10
All Joe wanted was a job and ends up working for different villains where he has encounters with Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and Aquaman.
TANBMTBATB issue -11
Out of Time September 2011 11
Batman and Jonah Hex end up in 19th Century Gotham City.
TANBMTBATB issue -12
Trick or Treat October 2011 12
Batman and Zatanna end up solving a break-in at the House of Mystery.
TANBMTBATB issue -13
Batman Dies at Dawn November 2011 13
When Batman is seriously injured, Phantom Stranger reaches through space and time in order gather everyone who has ever been called "Boy Wonder."
TANBMTBATB issue -14
Small Miracles December 2011 14
After teaming up with Blue Beetle to fight Crazy Quilt, Doctor Spectro and Rainbow Raider, Batman comes to the aid of Ragman when there is unrest in Gotham City's slums during Hanukkah.
TANBMTBATB issue -15
No Exit January 2012 15
Mister Miracle ends up coming to the aid of Batman when he ends up in a death trap that he can't get out of. The trap was devised by Desaad and Doctor Bedlam.
TANBMTBATB issue -16
Love at First Mite February 2012 16
On Valentine's Day, Bat-Mite develops a crush on Batgirl.
March 2012 17
April 2012 18
May 2012 19

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