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Tlano aka Batman of Zur-En-Arrh is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Kevin Conroy.


On planet Zur En Arrh, located in a solar system far, far away from Earth and unknown to astronomers, Tlano was born and raised by a robot butler named Alpha-Red. He grew up to become a reporter at Gothtropolis' Solar Cycle Globe and befriended co-worker, Vilsi Valar. One night, he encountered and was inspired by a bat-like creature to become a hero that invokes fear in criminals' hearts, Batman. Also like Batman, Tlano created his own Batcave and a fleet of vehicles, including an atomic-powered Batmobile and rocket-shaped Batplane. One difference is Tlano's utility belt. He created the Bat Radia, a tool to jam the atmospheric molecules of his planet's enemies, and can project a hologram from his belt buckle. When there is a crime, he receives Bat Signals on a tele-view screen from Chancellor Gor-Zonn and springs to action in the city of Gothtropolis! As a cover, while in his civilian identity, Tlano acts like a complete klutz. Over the years, he garnered an arch-nemesis, the mad genuis Rohtul.

While taking down a mugger, Batman encountered a Batman from Earth. Just then, he received an alert about Rohtul attacking downtown. Together, the Batmen took down the robot army and captured Rohtul. In the process, the Batman of Earth discovered he now had super powers. After running a battery of tests, the physio-scanner concluded Batman's muscles and tissues were augmented. Alpha-Red suggested an interaction with elements dissimilar to Earth's may have been the key. Batman could only watch as this new Batman won the admiration of Gothtropolis and solved many problems and crimes plaguing the city. Resting on his laurels, Batman raced off to face Rohtul again. Batman of Zur En Arrh went to work devising a special polymer compound to shield his ally from rhodon, the element suspected of empowering Batman. Taking off in the Batplane, he took on Rohtul's robots and his deduction paid off. Rohtul realized Batman's weakness and was about to kill him. He intervened, saved Batman, and coated him in the spray. Together, they defeated Rohtul again. Batman of Zur En Arrh won back the adoration of star reporter Vilsi Valar.


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