Katrina Moldoff aka Batwoman is one of the supporting protagonists/minor antagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

She is voiced by Vanessa Marshall.


Katrina Moldoff is a wealthy heiress of the Moldoff Circus, world class athlete, and acrobat. She decided to use her skills to adopt the costumed identity of Batwoman after longing to be like Batman. She operated independent of Batman and had her own Batcave and Bat-Cycle. Moldoff built her home in the Gotham suburbs over an old abandoned mining tunnel that became her Batcave. She created a shoulder bag utility case with a perfume flask filled with tear gas, powder case, and a bola net. Her charm bracelets also doubled for steel handcuffs. Batman and Robin figured out her civilian identity but never shared theirs. Batman didn't approve of her methods and concluded her thrill seeking recklessness was endangering innocent civilians. Crime fighter ethics prevented Batman from revealing her secret identity.

During the 35th Annual Wordy Awards, Batwoman mocked Riddler and was unmasked in front of the public. Moldoff was outlawed by the courts from wearing a costume ever again. She retreated to her home and became an embittered recluse. For 10 years, Moldoff waited for a chance at freedom and retribution. While watching Batman, Batgirl, and Nightwing fight the Spinner, she heard the Riddler escaped Blackgate Prison. That night, she visited the Magic Shop and convinced Felix Faust to give her a transmorgrification spell. Moldoff then lured Batman to her home and cast the spell. Both switched bodies. Moldoff planned to kill the Riddler and let Batman take the blame for it. However, her plan ultimately failed. After helping defeat the Riddler and his henchmen, Batwoman was arrested. Batman assured her that after she served her sentence, there would be friends waiting for her.


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