Captain Comet

Adam Blake aka Captain Comet is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

His grunts were provided by ???.


In Midwest America, John and Martha Blake gave birth to their son, Adam. Moments later, a comet streaked over them. John Blake took it as good luck but in reality, the comet emitted low-level radiation that activated metagenes in infant Adam. In a few years, his mental capacity accelerated beyond a normal boy's. At age four, Blake developed an acute sense of observation. By eight, he memorized every volume of encyclopedia in the Blake household and later performed a Mozart concerto on a clarinet without ever using the instrument beforehand. In his college years, Blake's physical attributes began to accelerate and he found himself with telepathic powers. Concerned for himself, he approached a physicist named Emery Zackro. Zackro concluded Blake evolved into a human 100,000 years into the future. He became Zackro's assistant.

During an invasion by the Astur, Blake wore an atmospheric pressure suit, flight belt, and oxygen tank to intercept a space ship with Zackro's, the Cometeer. Going by Captain Comet, he beat the Astur with a contest of the mind. Comet became an immediate hero and pledged to protect Earth. He went on many adventures in space over the years armed with a Stun Pistol and Omni-Blaster. As Starro's forces overran Earth's solar system, Comet joined several Green Lanterns, Ultra the Multi-Alien, and Space Ranger in a failed mission. They were infected with Starro clones and joined the invasion force.


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