Challengers of the Unknown

The Challengers of the Unknown are one of the hero teams in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Ace Morgan is voiced by J.K. Simmons, Red Ryan is voiced by Ioan Gruffudd, Prof. Haley is voiced by Arnim Shimmerman and Rocky Davis is voiced by James Arnold Taylor.


"Ace" Morgan, daredevil test pilot, was recruited to fly three others, Matthew "Red" Ryan, Professor Mark Haley and Lester "Rocky" Davis, to a radio program called "Heroes." The jet enters a dangerous storm and crashes but the four managed to survive unharmed. They strike a pact to become adventurers together and challenge the unknown with what's left of their borrowed time.

Red Ryan is a famed adventurer and mountain climber. On one occassion, he encountered a Yeti. Ryan is also known for his guts and sheer nerve. Professor Haley is a master scientist, an ex-US Navy frogman (military personnel who dive or are trained to dive in a military capacity, often in Navy special operations)and holds degrees in Aeronautics and Oceanography. Rocky Davis was a famous triathelete specializing in Javelin, Boxing, and one other sport, and went onto become America's favorite sports personality and business tycoon. Brains, Brawn, Guts, and Skill...the Challengers of the Unknown were born. Their motto is, "Wherever mankind is threatened by forces beyond its control, the Challengers will be there." They became a paramilitary branch with loose ties to the Pentagon and solved various cases from them and anyone else that came to them. They also garnered the attention of a mad scientist every so often.

The Challengers adopted the hourglass as their logo to symoblize their borrowed time and made their base of operations in a hollowe-out complex named Challenger Mountain. Over the years, they encountered beasts, aliens, super villains, robots, and the occult. Time travel and journeys to parallel earths were also commonplace for them.

Recently, they detected a highly radioactive meteorite due to crash somewhere on Earth. The location turned out to be Dinosaur Island. After discovering the meteorite, they encountered Batman who was also tracking it. Together, they fought a giant spider mutated by the meteorite. When conventional weapons were ineffective, Prof used his smarts to rile a nearby Pterodactyl with a super sonic whistle. It responded in kind by attacking the spider and carrying it off. After saying their goodbyes, Batman left for Gotham. The Challengers approached the meteorite for better readings. It suddenly opened and revealed a tird of Starro's spawn. The Challengers were quickly taken over by four of the spawn.


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