Kate Manser aka Cinnamon is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

She is voiced by ???.


Kate Manser was born sometime in the 19th century to a sheriff of the Wyoming Territory. Years later, a gang of bank robbers killed Sheriff Manser and his daughter was placed into an orphanage. She spent the rest of her life training her marksmanship skills with guns, knives, and throwing stars all to help her achieve revenge against her father's killers.

At 18 years of age, Menser left the orphanage armed with a Colt Revolver and her father's sheriff badge used as a Shuriken, a Japanese throwing star, and began hunting down the gang member by member. During this time, Menser took up a career as a bounty hunter and earned the nickname Cinnamon, after a famous gunslinger, to which she wasn't fond of. Nevertheless, the nickname stuck. Some time later, Cinnamon teamed up with fellow bounty hunter Jonah Hex to capture the Royal Flush Gang.


Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit

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