Jack Ryder aka Creeper is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Brian Bloom.


Jack Ryder was an investigative reporter who tried to take down organized crime. Ryder appeared to meet his end at the hands of a gangster and was dressed up as a gaudy goblin. However, the gangster's physician, Dr. Yatz, injected Ryder with a serum and special device. The serum gave him the power to heal from any wound, as well as increasing his physical attributes. The device could make the goblin costume appear and disappear in an instant. It seemed the experience gave way to a criminally insane alter-ego that surfaced when the Creeper went into action. The Creeper's signature move was to jump on his enemies and throw them off balance.

Batman recognized the Creeper's worth and teamed up with him on occassion. He once saved Batman from Hellgrammite but was forced to flee the scene when the police arrived.


Season 3:Edit

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