Dawn of the Deadman! is the seventh episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
09 (ep7)

Dawn of the Deadman!

Air DateEdit

January 16, 2009


Batman joins forces with Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth and his companion Dr. Canus to secure some antibiotics while evading a group of Rat Men.

Main PlotEdit

When he ends up buried alive by Gentleman Ghost, Batman uses a special meditation to leave his body and has an encounter with Deadman. With some tricks learned by Deadman, Batman has Green Arrow and Speedy dig out his body before it runs out of air so they can stop Gentleman Ghost from raising an army of the dead.




  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • Mikey Kelley as Kamandi
  • Greg Ellis as Dr. Canus/Gentleman Ghost
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Deadman
  • James Arnold Taylor as Green Arrow
  • Jason Marsden as Speedy
  • Corey Burton as Thomas Wayne
  • Pat Musick as Martha Wayne