Detective Chimp

Bobo T. Chimpanzee aka Detective Chimp is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Bobo, a chimpanzee originally from Africa, was the subject of an experiment by two microscopic aliens who wanted to increase the brain power of Earth's lower life forms. It was a success and Bobo was gifted with greater intelligence and the ability to speak. Bobo moved to Oscaloosa County, Florida in America, where he was raised by Fred Thorpe, a famous animal trainer, and solved a crime. When Thorpe was murdered, Bobo teamed up with Sheriff Edward Chase to discover Thorpe's killer. Chase adopted Bobo and together, they solved many cases over the years. He earned the nickname, Detective Chimp. He is currently an operative of the Bureau of Amplified Animals (BAA), a U.S. government agency that employs monitors and deploys enhanced animals.

Detective Chimp was recently called in by Batman to help solve the theft of the Golden Skull on the Gatsby Estate. He examined Gatsby's beneficiaries and systematically unraveled their secrets. However, before he could get to Ms. Gatsby, she turned to be False Face. While trying to get away, he slipped on a banana peel left by Chimp. Together, he and Batman delivered the knockout blow to the villain.

Batman and Chimp confronted Gorilla Grodd when they discovered he was poaching gorillas to build a new army. Disguised as a butler, he went ahead of Batman to infiltrate Grodd's compound but was caught and bound in the path of a laser beam along with Batman. Batman used his quick thinking and used Detective Chimp's magnifying glass to refract the laser to its cannon's base. While flirting with Vixen, Batman and B'Wana formulated a plan to fuse Chimp with a bee to steal the keys to their cage at the Gotham Zoo. During the final battle, Chimp declined Grodd's offer to join him. He then used a Tibetan mind control resistance technique learned from Batman to stay free of Grodd's module. Chimp later used his martial arts knowledge to defeat Monsieur Mallah. Soon after, he was infected by a Starro clone and joined the Starro Invasion.


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