Dr. Canus

Dr. Canus is one of the supporting characters in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Greg Ellis.


After the apocalyptic Great Disaster turned Earth into a savage wasteland ruled by Animal Men, most tribes of these beasts fought for territory and were enemies of any surviving humans. However, Dr. Canus of the Dog Men remained an ally of man's champion, Kamandi. He is a scientist based in the Tiger Empire, formerly New York City. Canus' signature physical characteristic is a black spot over his right eye. Due to a time fissure, Batman arrived and encountered Dr. Canus and Kamandi. With Dr. Canus' expertise, a vaccine was created that would one day prevent the Great Disaster from happening.

Despite his association with Kamandi, Dr. Canus often stays out of battle, both through his choice and feats of clumsiness that leave him pre-occupied. After escaping execution at the hands of the Tiger Empire, Dr. Canus accompanied Batman and Kamandi to the Batcave. While Batman and Kamandi fought off a group of Bat Men, Canus was left in awe of the Batcave's many features. During a mission into the past, Dr. Canus was shocked by humanity's enslavement of dogs and tried in vain to inspire them to revolt.


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