Joker: The Vile and the Villainous!, Part Two: Emerald Twilight! is the sixty-fifth episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

August 4, 2011 (United Kingdom), November 18, 2011 (U.S.)


In a "Doctor Who" parody with Joker and Rip Hunter, Joker is a parody of Doctor Who where he possesses the Time Bubble to team up with Vandal Savage, the first supervillain of Earth.

Main PlotEdit

When Guy Gardner's anger is taken advantage of by Sinestro, Joker helps him release Parallax into controlling his body from his ring to prove anyone can have a bad day, and when Gardner finally snaps into madness by letting Parallax control him, he takes Sinestro's Green Lantern ring and attacks Oa to gather 8 more to absorb energy from the Central Power Battery, causing K'ryssma to be put in a chrysalis state, shutting down all the Green Lantern rings and Gardner finally emerging as Parallax, even worse when Equinox's Embodiment of Cowardice controls the Central Power Battery from Parallax's Yellow Fear energy to turn Oa in a world of fear, and the Green Lantern Corp into Sinestro Corps, and Batman teams up with the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott to fight against Joker and Sinestro and save Gardner and the Corp. Meanwhile, the JLI have announced the one of the Outsiders will join the Justice League International in a reservist squad, and Metamorpho is the winner and he becomes Element Man, while J'onn recruits Flash, Wonder Woman, Rocket Red, Elongated Man, Power Girl and Animal Man into the reservist squad in order to teach Captain Atom a more lesson in humility, and to prepare for a battle against Lord Naga and the Kobra Cult.


  • Equinox's Embodiment of Cowardice on Planet Oa's goal is to expose the cowardly frauds that the Guardians really are.
  • Sinestro wears the Super Friends Outfit.
  • Star Sapphire wears the classic uniform.
  • The teaser parodies Doctor Who, where Joker is based on Doctor Who using Rip Hunter's time bubble to travel to help Vandal Savage stop Rip Hunter from undoing their conquest.
  • It is revealed that Batman's punch to Guy was to reason he suffered personality change (as evidential in The Eyes of Despero!, Revenge of the Reach! and Time Out for Vengeance!).
  • Ice and Guy head for Venice for a date.
  • Joker (as Red Hood) sang the song, "I Go Looney", to drive a sane person mad.
  • We also learn the Joker's origin, a former Ace Chemical worker named Jack Napier is trying his best to support his pregnant wife, Jeannie, he is also convinced by 2 thugs to dress as the Red Hood to rob Ace Chemicals and he will be given a share to retire, but when security arrived, he runs off and while being caught by Batman, Jack jumps into a pit of acid, unaware that when he returns to his home, he looks in the mirror in shock to see his horrid face.
  • The main plot of the episode is based on the graphic novel, The Killing Joke, and the comic series, Emerald Twilight.


  • Batman: (speaks to Joker in his cell) Hello. I came to talk. I've been thinking lately. About you and me. About what's going to happen to us, in the end. We're going to kill each other, aren't we? Perhaps you'll kill me. Perhaps I'll kill you. Perhaps sooner. Perhaps later. I just wanted you to know that I'd made a genuine attempt to talk things over and avert that outcome. Just once. (grabs Joker's hand) Are you listening to me? It's life and death I'm discussing here. Maybe my death... maybe yours. I don't fully understand why ours should be such a fatal relationship, but I don't want your murder on my...(Joker's hand escapes Batman's grip, as he discover white make up) hands...


  • Joker: (speaks to Gardner) Memories can be vile. Repulsive little brutes, like children I suppose. But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we can't face them, we deny reason itself! Although, why not? We aren't contractually tied down to rationality. There is no sanity clause. So when you find yourself locked down in an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember: There's always madness. Madness... is the emergency exit. You can just step outside and close the door, and all those dreadful things that happened, you can lock them away.


  • Batman: The only Lantern is Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, his ring is not space, it's magic, it's called, the Starheart. (Flashback) Two thousand years ago, the Starheart fragment had found its way to Earth and, after fusing with the evil spirit of Yalan Gur, crashed as a meteor in China. A man named Chang eventually shaped the meteor into a lantern. Centuries later an insane lampmaker named Billings reshaped it into a train lantern. In 1940, this lamp was found by Alan Scott who used its incredible incomprehensible power to become the first Green Lantern on Earth in centuries.


  • Guardians: The Starheart, we know about it. (Flashback) Three and a half billion years ago a humanoid race from the world of Maltus sought to bring order to the stars. An offshoot of the race became known as the Guardians of the Universe. They sought to remove magic from the universe, and laid siege to the necromantic forces of the cosmos. The war was costly on both sides. The last to fall was the powerful Empire of Tears, finally subdued by the Guardians on the tombworld of Ysmault. After the wars, the stray mystical energies were gathered and bound in an orb called the Starheart. This collective force was hidden in the heart of a star and grew in power and eventually gained self-awareness as the Green Flame of Life. Though the Guardians were powerful, the force of magic was something that could not be contained forever. In preparation for this day, the Starheart willed a small portion of itself to travel through the universe to fulfill its destiny. As it traveled through space, the piece of the Starheart gathered debris over the centuries until in resembled a meteor.


  • Alan Scott: Of course, the only way to defeat Parallax is through Willpower, Hope, Compassion and Love.
  • Batman: We need to get to Indigo-1 of the Indigo Lantern Corp, Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corp and Carol Ferris of the Star Sapphire Corp.


  • Joker (singing as Red Hood): When the world is full of care And every headline screams despair, All is Lost, starvation, war and life is vile (laughs) Then there’s a certain thing I do Which I shall pass along to you, That’s always guaranteed to make me smile (reveals his face): I go loo-oo-oony as a light-bulb battered bug! Simply loo-oo-oony, sometimes foam and chew the rug! Mister, life is swell In a padded cell, It’ll chase those blues away: You can trade your gloom For a rubber room And injections twice a day! Just go loo-oo-oony like an acid casualty, Or a moo-oo-oonie, or a preacher on T.V. When the human race Wears an anxious face, When the bomb hangs overhead, When your kid turns blue, It won’t worry you, You can smile and nod instead. When you’re loo-oo-oony, then you just don’t give a Hoot! Man’s so pu-uu-uny, and the universe so cute! If you hurt inside, Get certified, And if life should treat you bad...Don't get ee-ee-even. Get mad. Yes! (Song ends)


  • Hal Jordan: Carol, this is what I've been hiding from you, you being possessed by the Star Sapphire, I'm sorry, I did it to protect you, because, because I love you.
  • Carol Ferris: Hal, I can control it now, that psycho is out of my head. (Uses the Zamaron ring to wear her classic pink uniform) See, ???
  • Hal Jordan: You look great!


  • Parallax: You can't stop me!
  • K'ryssma: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight....
  • Saint Walker: In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite....
  • Indigo-1: Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur, natromo faan tornek wot ur....
  • Carol: For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night....
  • Parallax: (feeling weakened by the lights) What? No, no!
  • Batman: (fighting Equinox) It's just about over, Equinox!
  • Alan Scott: Looks like the oaths are doing well, they're almost done!
  • Carol: Accept our ring and join our fight, love conquers all with violet light!
  • Indigo-1: Ter lantern ker lo Abin Sur, Tan lek lek nok-formorrow sur!
  • Saint Walker: When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars, for Hope burns bright!
  • K'ryssma: Let those worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light! (All lights are strong enough to weaken Parallax as he becomes less bonded with it's host)


  • Joker: So... I see you received the free ticket I sent you. I'm glad. I did so want you to be here. You see, it doesn't matter if you catch me and send me back to the asylum... Gordon's been driven mad. I've proved my point. I've demonstrated there's no difference between me and everyone else! All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day. You had a bad day once, am I right? I know I am. I can tell. You had a bad day and everything changed. Why else would you dress up like a flying rat? You had a bad day, and it drove you as crazy as everybody else... only you won't admit it! You have to keep pretending that life makes sense, that there's some point to all this struggling! You make me want to puke. I mean, what is it with you? What made you what you are? Girlfriend killed by the mob, maybe? Brother carved up by some mugger? Something like that, I bet. Something like that... Something like that happened to me, you know. I... I'm not exactly sure what it was. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! My point is, (attacks Batman) I went crazy. (Starts hitting Batman with several objects) When I saw what a black, awful joke the world was, I went crazy a coot! I admit it! Why can't you? (Hits Batman with a chair) I mean, you're not unintelligent! You must see the reality of the situation. (Hits Batman with a plastic coffee pot) Do you know how many times we've come close to World War Three over a flock of geese on a computer screen? (Throws the plastic coffee pot at him) Do you know what triggered the last World War? An argument over how many telegraph poles Germany owed its war debt creditors! Telegraph poles! It's all a joke! Everything everybody ever valued or struggled for... it's all a monstrous, demented gag! So why can't you see the funny side? Why aren't you laughing?! (Prepares to stun Batman with his buzzer, only to be overpowered by Batman and thrown across the wall)
  • Batman: Because I've heard it before, and it wasn't funny the first time. (Joker takes off his buzzer, as he approaches him) I spoke to Gardner before I came in here. He's fine. (Joker prepares to hit Batman with wood, but dodges him) Despite all your sick, vicious little games, he's as sane as he ever was! (Grabs Joker by the collar) So maybe ordinary people don't always crack. Maybe there isn't any need to crawl under a rock with all the other slimey things when trouble hits. Maybe it was just you, all the time!
  • Joker: (enraged) NO! (Pulls Batman's mask down his face, and tries to shoot him, but Batman attacks through a glass window, after a struggle, Joker prepares to shoot him, only for a bang flag to pop out instead of bullets, he tries to shoot multiple times but gives up throwing it) Darn, empty! Well what are you waiting for? Kick the heck out of me and get your standing ovasion. (Waits for Batman, impatiently) Come on!
  • Batman: No, not this time. (Joker raises an eyebrow) Don't you understand? I don't want to hurt you. I don't want either of us to end up killing the other. But we're both running out of alternatives... and we both know it. Maybe it all hinges on tonight. Maybe this is our last chance to sort this bloody mess out. If you don't take it, then we're both locked onto a suicide course. Both of us. To the death. It doesn't have to end like that. I don't know what it was that bent your life out of shape, but who knows? Maybe I've been there too. Maybe I can help. We could work together. I could rehabilitate you. You needn't be out there on the edge anymore. You needn't be alone. We don't have to kill each other. What do you say? (Offers his hand to Joker, only for him to stand by himself)
  • Joker: No. I'm sorry, but... no. It's too late for that. Far too late. (There was a moment of silence for both of them, when Joker starts laughing) Hahaha. You know, it's funny. This situation. It reminds me of a joke...See, there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum. And one night, they decide they don't like living in the asylum anymore. They decide they're going to escape! So, like, they get up onto the roof, and there, just across this narrow gap, they see the rooftops of the town, stretching away into the moonlight. Stretching away to freedom. Now, the first guy, he jumps right across with no problem. But his friend, his friend daren't make the leap. Y'see... y'see, he's afraid of falling. So then the first guy has an idea... He says, 'Hey, I have a flashlight with me! I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings. You can walk across the beam and join me!' But the second guy just shakes his head. He suh-says... he says 'Wh-what do you think I am? Crazy? You'd turn it off when I was halfway across! (Starts laughing at his own joke) Oh, excuse me. (Starts laughing, then Batman suddenly starts smiling and chuckling, as he shares a laugh with his arch-nemesis, he starts to be exhausted putting his hands on Joker's shoulders, than as we pan out below to their legs and then a puddle, Joker's laugh fades out with only Batman's laugh until it stops)


  • Lord Naga: Over the years there have been four stages of Mankind, the first was the Satya Yuga, the second was the Treta Yuga, the third was the Dvapara Yuga, and now the fourth and final stage, the Kali Yuga, I will re-create the ritual of Kali into serpent, and then let him feed on humanity, and we'll overpower order with chaos, and we will usher in the Kali Yuga!


  • Jeff Bennet as Joker/Jack Napier
  • Phil Morris as Vandal Savage
  • Brian Bloom as Rip Hunter/Captain Atom
  • Diedrich Bader as Batman/Killowog
  • Bumper Robinson as Black Lightning
  • Lauren Tom as Katana
  • Scott Menville as Metamorpho
  • Hunter Parrish as Geo-Force
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Halo
  • Laura Bailey as Looker
  • Grey Griffin (credited as Grey DeLisle) as Fire/Arisia Arb/K'ryssma
  • Jennifer Hale as Ice
  • Will Friedle as Blue Beetle
  • Tom Everett Scott as Booster Gold
  • Nicholas Guest as Martian Manhunter
  • John DiMaggio as Aquaman
  • Loren Lester as Hal Jordan
  • Phil LaMarr as John Stewart
  • Rob Paulson as Salakk
  • Dee Bradley Baker as C'hp
  • Candace Putton as Katma Tui
  • J.K. Simmons as Ganthet
  • Wally Wingert as Saint Walker
  • Cree Summer as Indigo-1
  • Rachel Quaintance as Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
  • Arleen Sorkin as Jeannie Napier
  • Tony Todd as Parallax
  • James Arnold Taylor as Guy Gardner/Parallax (Possessing Guy Gardner)
  • Oded Fehr as Equinox
  • Xander Berkley as Sinestro
  • Charlie Adler as Larfleeze
  • Wade Williams as Atrocitus
  • Alan Tudyk as Flash
  • Richard Newman as Rocket Red
  • Josh Keaton as Animal Man
  • Vanessa Marshall as Power Girl, Swimsuit model
  • Sean Donnellan as Elongated Man
  • Vicki Lewis as Wonder Woman
  • Robin Atkin Downes as Lord Naga
  • Peter Jessop as Thug #1
  • Adam Baldwin as Thug #2

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