Kamandi Blank is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Mikey Kelly.


Centuries into the future, Earth was brutally transformed by the Great Disaster. Animals mutated into hybrid human forms and became the dominant species on Earth. One remaining human, Buddy Blank, survived and relocated to New York City in an abandoned military bunker called Command-D. He raised his grandson, Kamandi (named after the bunker) and educated him with leftover film reels of Earth's history. Kamandi was fascinated with the past and was inspired to seek out kindred humans.

Blank was attacked and killed by Animal Men soon after. Alone, Kamandi travels the world creating alliances and opposes various tribes of Animal Men, all in hope of one day restoring humanity. He quickly built a reputation that included his exuberence. Kamandi is allied with Dr. Canus, a Dog Man, and Prince Tuftan, of the Tiger Empire.

Kamandi and Dr. Canus encountered Batman. Dr. Canus and Batman created a vaccine for a disease that might prevent the Great Disaster. Kamandi took the lead in escorting Batman back to the time fissure before it closed. Kamandi utilized a time capsule left behind Batman to deal with a pack of Ratmen. They survived the ordeal and later observed the latest military conflict between Ape Men and Tiger Men. Fearing for his friend's life, Kamandi entered the battle and saved Tuftan at the cost of revealing his associations. After Batman, Kamandi, and Tuftan led a coalition to defeat the Ape People, the Animal Men's opinion of Kamandi changed for the better.

In a conflict with the mutant Misfit, Kamandi and Dr. Canus decided to gamble on a legendary power source called the 5-5 Module. It was the only thing that could power the device, the Mind Wave Jamming Device, that could defeat Misfit. They went through a wormhole and arrived in 21st century Gotham City. Misfit and his Servi-Tek robots followed them to the past, however. Batman arrived to offer aid to Kamandi and Canus. After getting blasted into a store, Kamandi discovered the 5-5 Modules, a pack of AA batteries. He threw them to Dr. Canus, who activated the device, a boom box, to defeat Misfit. Unlike Canus, Kamandi was sad to leave the past as he considered it a paradise compared to his era. Misfit soon resurfaced in Tiger City and staged a coup to seize control of the Omega Warhead. Kamandi and Prince Tuftan were defeated when the Joker arrived to aid Misfit.


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