Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

She is voiced by Vvyan Pham, later Kim Mai Guest.


Years ago, Tatsu Yamashiro was a student training under Master Takahiro in the art of the samurai. Takahiro was also the guardian of a one of a kind 14th century Muramasa katana sword. Yamashiro mistakingly revealed this and a villain named Takeo came to Takahiro's dojo for the sword. She hid while Takeo confronted the master and watched in horror as he was slain. Master Takahiro realized his death was needed to push her to her peak in order for her to wield the sword. In honor of Master Takahiro, Yamashiro took a vow of silence. Seeking to be an agent of justice, Tatsu traveled to America as Katana.

Mostly quiet and stoic, Katana lets her skills speak for herself. When she does speak, Katana reveals a very methodical and analytical mind. Somewhere down the line, she was recruited to the Outsiders, a kindred collection of outcasts. Eventually, she was reasoned with and helped defeat Slug. Katana, Metamorpho, and Black Lightning currently train under Wildcat. Just like Batman, Katana refrains from consuming Wildcat's Tiger Tonic drink. Soon after, the Outsiders became students of Batman and were trained in the Batcave with holographic simulations.

Months later, the Outsiders were kidnapped by Psycho Pirate and used as bait to lure Batman into his fiendish machine. In the Dream World, Katana relived the day of her master's death and tried to alter it by getting revenge on Takeo. Batman intervened and reminded her of her secret vow. Katana understood and the pair were then transported to Black Lightning then Metamorpho. After Batman defeated Psycho Pirate with happy thoughts, the four left him to the authorities. Months later, the Outsiders were implanted with Starro clones just after Katana and Black Lightning debuted in new costumes. Katana later joined in one of Batman's missions against the Kobra Cult. She took down several cultists in one move.


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