Lew Moxon

Lew Moxon is one of the minor antagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Richard Moll.


In Gotham City, Lew Moxon led his own gang of mobsters that included Joe Chill. He led a daring robbery of money donated to the 3rd Annual Charity Gala. However, two bystanders dressed as bats named Thomas Wayne and Matthew Malone resisted and fought Moxon's men. They neutralized the gang by knocking down a giant bat prop. Moxon was incarcerated at Blackgate Penitentiary and later visited by Joe Chill, the only one to escape arrest. Angered at Chill's audacity, he later accepted Chill's offer to make things right and kill Thomas Wayne. Moxon casually ordered him to make the hit look like an accident. He was appalled to learn Martha Wayne was killed, too, leaving their child, Bruce, alone. After release, he ascended the ranks of the criminal underworld and ran Gotham's rackets for 40 years.

On the verge of death, Moxon was checked in at Gotham General in room 10B with a police guard. Batman knew Moxon was the one to put the hit out and disguised himself as a priest. He then visited Moxon and tried to pry out the name of the man who killed his parents. He confessed he beat up another boy at age 9, lied about his weight on his Driver's License, ran Gotham's rackets, and placing the hit on Wayne. Batman pressed on. With his dying breath, Moxon said the word, "Chill." News of Moxon's death spread quickly throughout Gotham. One gang honored Moxon with a toast at the Tiki Tavern, only to be attacked by Batman. The Spectre later teleported Batman to the Blackgate visit.


Season 2:Edit

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