Lois Lane

Lois Lane is one of the supporting characters in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

She is voiced by Sirenia Irwin.


Lois Lane is an extroverted and career-minded journalist for the Daily Planet newspaper in Metropolis. She is more infamous for her reckless nature, covering war zones and natural disasters. Lane was less than excited when a new rival named Clark Kent began working alongside her but fell in love with the city's new protector, Superman. She began to suspect Kent and Superman were the same man but when her investigations turned up nothing, she gave up the theory. Besides being Superman's romantic interest, she often serves as his moral compass and advises him to do the right thing.

In recent times, Lane was kidnapped by a Lexbot at the Hall of Minerals. Batman saved her while Superman dealt with the culprit. She soon received a necklace from a secret admirer. Thinking it was Superman, she wore it and helped expose the hero to Red Kryptonite. Lane appeared in Alfred Pennyworth's tale, "The Knights of Tomorrow!" during the wedding and funeral of Bruce and Selina Wayne. It appears she was the wife of Superman.


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