Menace of The Manhunters is the 98th episode of Batman The Brave and The Bold.


Air DateEdit

October 13th 2013.


Batman and The Flash stop Captain Cold from pulling Keystone City into the next Ice Age.

Main PlotEdit

Batman and Guy Gardener try to stop a Manhunter Invasion On Earth.


Batman is fighting against SportsMaster who has taken several people hostage at a Football Game. SportsMaster ties him to a goal and is about to blow it up when a green hand stops him. It is revealed to be Green Lantern Guy Gardner. Gardner uses a fist on SportsMaster knocking him back. He sends his sportsfans against him but they are no match for him and places them in a cage. Batman breaks free and knocks out SportsMaster. Batman thanks Guy for his help but Guy claims he needs help. They travel to Ooa where Guy finds the place in ruins. He finds G'nort under a rock where he claims that their is no one left. Guy and Batman fly elsewhere and find Hal Jordan unconscious. Hal wakes up and tells them about the ManHunters. He is then zapped where a large robot appears as a ManHunter. Guy blasts it while Batman throws his Batarangs but their is no effect. Guy makes a wall but it has no effect. Guy uses giant fists but no effect. The Manhunter steps on the ground shaking it causing Batman and Guy to fall below. Guy uses a shield but it collaspes when they hit the ground. There they find Other Green Lanterns in strange pods. The lanterns dissapear and they see the pods are connected to a manhunter. The Manhuner awakes and sees Guy and Batman. Batman uses a smoke pellot but The Manhunter has night vision and grabs him. He also grabs Guy and crushes his ring. The Manhunter takes them to Earth which is being attacked by Manhunters. Batman uses a Stun Gun to get off. The Manhunter punches him sending him into a wall. Guy punches the Manhunter but it is too powerful. Batman throws Hal's ring which he took when he was zapped. Guy uses it and punches the Manhunter. Batman then claims they need an  Electric charge and they plug all the tvs from an electronics store and throw them at the Manhunter.

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