Buddy Blank aka OMAC is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Buddy Blank idolized Batman and wanted to be a hero just like him. Blank joined the Global Peace Agency to achieve that dream but was employed as a clumsy and lowly Janitorial Operative. However, the Global Peace Agency selected him as a candidate for a program known as Project OMAC. The Global Peace Agency selected Blank because it suspected the company, Pseudo-People of illegal activity. Dr. Myron Forest performed surgery on him and made Blank capable of interfacing with the orbiting space satellite Brother Eye. Brother Eye tracks him via a processor located on Blank's belt and can grant him enhanced strength, physical attributes, and instant remote molecular rearrangement. He became the One-Man-Army-Corps (OMAC). Neither OMAC nor Blank would possess any memory of the other.

On his first mission as OMAC, Blank exposed Pseudo-People, Inc.'s Section-D project, which involved the creating artificial women to be used as suicide bombers. Over time, OMAC became infamous for using excessive force to complete his missions. Recently, OMAC was assigned to help Batman capture a target named Kafka alive. As OMAC was about to kill Kafka with rays, Batman intervened and led to Kafka's transformation into a metal monster called Shrapnel. Taking Batman's advice, OMAC instructed Brother Eye to dedicate all power to holding a personal shield defense on OMAC. After taking blow after blow, Shrapnel exerted his power and was tripped unconscious. The ordeal forced OMAC to revert back to Blank just as Batman fought Equinox and a nuclear power plant was on the verge of meltdown. Blank bravely distracted Equinox while Batman manually shut down the plant. Sporting a black eye, Blank felt a rush of passion that he and Batman saved the city from nuclear holocaust.

OMAC was one of the heroes taken captive by Faceless Hunter and implanted with a Starro clone.


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