Overmaster is the Greater-Scope Villain of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, as well as the true main antagonist of the whole third season. His goal is to destroy the Light Equation of the Universe within the Cosmic Staff so he can ???

He is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams.


Overmaster is an alien entity, a self styled like a celestial force beyond good and evil, which acted as a heavenly judge. After judging a world unworthy, he collected specimens of the species on the planet, then destroyed all life on the planet.

Around sometime after Sylvester Pemberton, the Star-Spangled Kid's death, he learned that the Star Equation of the Universe was passed down to Courtney Whitmore, Pemberton's successor. He employed Pemberton's killer, Libra and offered him a deal to destroy the Light Equation and then he served him, Libra refused, and Overmaster tortured him to enforce him, which worked, as he transformed Libra into Equinox, and he has the Cadre to cover Libra's tracks by giving the Lords of Order and Chaos fake info that he was an orphan adopted by the Lords to learn how to restore balance to the worlds, it was made when Equinox sacrificed himself into the machine that gave him powers.

During his time hiding the shadows with Equinox covering him, Overmaster has also been behind the scenes of other villains that Batman encountered:


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