Zazzala aka Queen Bee is one of the antagonists of Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Season 3, Part Two.

She is voiced by ???.


Queen Zazzala of the planet Korll led her race to conquest throughout the galaxy. In return for lending the power of her Bee Trooper army, Zazzala was offered a percentage of the Earth's population as slaves. Her multi-faceted eyes are able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, wears a gauntlet that fires poisonous stingers, mind controlling hypno-pollen and controls an army of mindless drones.


Season 2:Edit


  • Gail Simone has revealed that the teaser segment to her episode The Mask of Matches Malone! was supposed to feature Queen Bee as the main antagonist. However, due to issues with the runtime, the segment was shortened and rewritten to feature Poison Ivy instead. Nonetheless, a draft of the original short featuring Queen Bee was made available on Simone's message board.

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