Queen Hippolyata

Queen Hippolyta is one of the supporting characters in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

She is voiced by Tippi Hedren.


Queen Hippolyta is the leader of the Amazons, immortal female warriors. When they were pawns in a scheme hatched by Arges and Hercules, the Amazons relocated to Paradise Island. Once there, they established an unrivaled society isolated from the evil of man's world and would thrive for all time. an island located somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. It is said that the gods took pity on Hippolyta's desire for a child and instructed her to mold a clay statue of an infant. The gods breathed life into it and Diana was born.

When Steve Trevor landed on Paradise Island, a contest was held to determine who would escort him back to man's world. Hippolyta was impressed by the winner, who revealed herself to be Diana. She bestowed Diana with clothing and magical objects to aid her in the mission. In the aftermath, Diana became Wonder Woman and split her time between Paradise Island and man's world. In recent times, Wonder Woman visited Hippolyta in hopes of finding something worthy to donate to the Superhero Memorial. The Joker infiltrated the island and shocked both. Hippolyta was rendered unconscious but Wonder Woman attempted to fight on.


Season 3:Edit

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