Charles Victor Zsasz aka Question is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Nicholas Guest.


Charles Victor Szasz was an orphan filled with anger towards a world he couldn't understand. He never understand what made people do the things they do to themselves and each other. As Vic Sage, he became an investigative reporter in Hub City. Disillusioned that he couldn't expose the political corruption in Hub City, Sage became a vigilante called the Question and became infamous for speaking every word to his namesake, in questions only. His mask is faceless due to a special compound called 'pseudoderm'. He also wears a two-way communicator watch.

When the Question opposed Gorilla Grodd's latest plot to take over the world, they both were kidnapped by Equinox and suspended in a death trap based off of Justitia. Batman arrived and saved them. Question and Batman pursued Equinox but he survived a deadly fall and escaped. Some time later, Question participated in a reconnaissance mission on Apokolips. He discovered Darkseid's vile scheme concerning Earth but was discovered by Kalibak. Question evaded him, Demon Dogs, and Parademons before reaching a dead end. When given a proposition by Kalibak, Question jumped into a Fire Pit. He survived and went undercover as a Parademon. Two weeks later, he made sure to be part of the invasion force that constructed Darkseid's Boom Tube Generator. While the Justice League fought them, Question quickly tried to learn the Generator's controls. He managed to reverse the frequency and save Earth just in time.


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