Return of the Fearsome Fangs! is the eleventh episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
15 (ep11)

Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

Air DateEdit

February 20, 2009


In the wild west, Batman teams up with Jonah Hex to stop the Royal Flush Gang.

Main PlotEdit

After stopping Top's bank robbery, Batman joins forces with Bronze Tiger to stop the Terrible Trio from stealing an ancient totem of incredible power from the Wudang Temple in China.


  • Despite the fact that that the ninja disappear in sunlight, they wait until only a few minutes before sunrise to launch their attack on the Wudang Temple.
  • It's never explained how, or why, Batman is in the Old West. In his prior time travel jaunt, in "Day of the Dead Man!" he specifically had to travel to the future to get a vaccine, but no such reason is indicated here.


  • Diedrich Bader as Batman/Ace
  • Phil Morris as Jonah Hex/Fox
  • Edoardo Ballerini as Jack/Vulture
  • Gary Anthony Sturgis as Bronze Tiger
  • Paul Nakauchi as Master Wong-Fei