Space Ranger

Rick Starr aka Space Ranger is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

His grunts were provided by ???.


Rick Starr is the son of the multimillionaire Thaddeus Starr, the owner of Allied Solar Enterprises in New York. Instead of following in his father's footsteps, Starr became the Space Ranger, dedicated to protecting Earth and its solar system from hostile aliens. He used his wealth to construct a base of operations between Mars and Jupiter. Aboard the starship, Solar King, Space Ranger patrols the system with his girlfriend Myra Mason. He fights with a variety of specialized weapons such as the thermoblaze gun, dissolverizer, anti-gravity gun, numbing gun, and explosidiscs.

On one of his earliest missions, Space Ranger was stranded on Pluto and was saved by Cyrill, an alien with shapeshifting powers. Since then, the two have been friends and allies. He has also encountered the Green Lantern Corps. As Starro's forces overran the Solar System, Space Ranger joined several Green Lanterns, Captain Comet, and Ultra in a failed mission. They were beaten by Starro and implanted with clones.


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