Roy Harper aka Speedy is one of the supporting protagonists in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

He is voiced by Jason Marsden.


When Roy Harper was only a baby, his father, Will died. Will Harper was a forest ranger and died while saving Navajo medicine chief named Brave Bow from a blazing wildfire. Brave Bow honored him and raised Roy. Harper soon excelled in sports, long distance running and archery. Harper idolized the super hero, Green Arrow. Green Arrow happened to be in Roy's home town and was impressed when Roy quickly stopped an attempted robbery. Green Arrow nicknamed him "Speedy." Brave Bow died soon after and Harper was adopted by Oliver Queen. Harper soon learned his secret and became the teenage partner of Green Arrow, Speedy. Speedy established himself as one of the world's top archers. He also began to indulge in video games and an expert in technology.

Green Arrow and Speedy chased a career thief across 12 cities and 3 continents. Together, they finally stopped the criminal in London. Meanwhile, Deadman and an astral projecting Batman found the two and needed their help to dig up Batman's body. Deadman goaded Batman to possess Speedy to talk to Green Arrow. In the following battle, Deadman possessed Speedy, too. Afterwards, Speedy had no recollection of what happened but was physically drained. On one case, he teamed up with Robin and Aqualad to stop Ra's Al Ghul's latest scheme. It was his cryogenic arrows that helped estroy Ra's' Chlorocannon. A short time later, Speedy was compromised by Faceless Hunter and forced to take down his partner, Green Arrow, with a Starro clone.


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