06 (ep59)

Sword of the Atom!

Sword of the Atom! is the fifty-ninth episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

September 16, 2011


From the files of the Bat-Computer, Batman and Robin fight King Tut while wearing a special mummified uniform, as Vicki Vale watches.

Main PlotEdit

Two years ago, Batman and the Atom (Ray Palmer) worked together to save themselves from villains like Cannoneer, Dwarfstar, and Thinker. Ray later retired and Ryan Choi takes up the mantle. Two years later, Palmer's arch-nemesis Chronos plans an attack and Batman goes looking for him. When Batman disappears, Aquaman and Atom (Ryan Choi) must shrink to a microscopic size in the Amazon Jungle to save the Caped Crusader and Ray Palmer from tiny aliens called Katarthans who are led by Chancellor Deraegis.




  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • Jeremy Shada as Robin
  • Gabrielle Carteris as Vicki Vale/Princess Laethwen
  • John DiMaggio as King Tut/Aquaman
  • James Sie as Ryan Choi
  • Peter Scolari as Ray Palmer
  • Enn Reitel as Chancellor Deragis