The Odd Man Out! is the seventy-second episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air Date: Edit

April 14, 2012

Teaser: Edit

When Batman chases after Catwoman, when she is wrongfully accused of stealing Egyptian herbs, but it was Catman, who is the thief as he is selling them to Andros Akropolis in Greece, so Catwoman decides to help Batman recover them.

Main Plot: Edit

Batman, the Question and the Creeper team up to figure out the mystery of how the Madniks put down Clay Stoner in Hub City by simply throwing him off into some store in an escalator. They are suddenly encountered by the mysterious Odd Man, who humiliates criminals by disorienting them with gags and gimmicks, literally turning the criminal underworld upside down, as he is either friend or foe trying to find Crazy Quilt in Bludhaven.

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the only episode based off Monk TV series.
  • This is Catwoman dons the 90's style!
  • The teaser is based on Batman Vol 1 323 and Batman Vol 1 324.

Quotes: Edit

  • Batman: I see you're still wearing that new costume just to woo me.
  • Catwoman: Oh, Batman, I found the costume attracting.
  • Catman: I remember that costume being old fashioned.


  • Catwoman: (after stopping Catman with help from Batman) comforting isn't it?(licks him and disappears once again)
  • Batman: (smiling) comforting indeed.
  • Teaser ends.


  • Question: He came from nowhere, garbed in a confused costume that would make a carnival clown blush with embarassment. His weapons were absurd -- impossible! But somehow he became the terror of criminals, and everyone began to wonder ... who is the Odd Man?
  • Batman: That is an excellent question.

Cast: Edit

  • Diedrich Bader as Batman
  • Nika Futterman as Catwoman
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Catman
  • David Boat as Andros Akropolis
  • Nicholas Guest as Question
  • Brian Bloom as Creeper
  • Billy West as Clay Stoner/Odd-Man
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Crazy Quilt
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Madniks

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