The Star-Spangled Legacy! is the eightyth episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Air DateEdit

May 12, 2012


After helping Batman and Robin deal with Mad Mod, Nightwing decides to get something for Batgirl to make up for his past mistakes, as she is held captive by Poison Ivy.

Main PlotEdit

At the start of 2013, Skyman (once the Star-Spangled Kid) is killed at the hands of Dragon King, which caused a failure of the Justice Society when they tried to save him. 15 months later, Stargirl is distrusted by the Justice Society, whom they think stole Star-Spangled Kid's staff and belt, and she aids them and Batman to deal with a past failure to save the original Star-Spangled Kid. Meanwhile, Blue Beetle rejects the idea of having Stargirl as his girlfriend.


  • Villains Stargirl tries to deal with without self control: Babyface, Madniks, Ten-Eyed-Man, Tiger-Shark!
  • Blue Beetle and Stargirl become a couple!
  • This is the first time that the new era is introduced!


  • Blue Beetle: We both have a lot of common: we succeed other heroes, we get annoyed by our baby sisters, we try to learn a lot from Bats.


  • Milagro: Jaime and Courtney sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.
  • Jaime: Alright that's it, we do not have a relationship!


  • Paco: (talking with Jaime on the phone, along with Brenda) I bet Blue Beetle's in love with the new Star-Spangled Kid.
  • Beetle: (while fighting the Gentleman Ghost) He is not in love with her.
  • Brenda: It's like they seem to have feelings with each other.
  • Beetle: That is so not true!


  • Diedrich Bader as Batman/Solomon Grundy
  • Crawford Wilson as Nightwing
  • Mae Whitman as Batgirl
  • Jeremy Shada as Robin
  • Vanessa Marshall as Poison Ivy
  • Malcolm McDowell as Mad Mod
  • Paul Eiding as S.T.R.I.P.E.
  • R. Lee Ermy as Wildcat
  • Jennifer Hale as Power Girl
  • Phil Morris as Al Pratt/Atom
  • Greg Ellis as Dr. Fate
  • Corey Burton as Dr. Mid-Nite/Alan Scott/Green Lantern
  • Andy Miller as Jay Garrick/Flash
  • William Katt as Carter Hall/Hawkman
  • Lex Lang as Hourman
  • David Boat as Sandman
  • Ricky Collins as Johnny Thunder
  • Mark Hamill as Spectre
  • Jeff Bennett as Starman
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mr. Terrific
  • Scott Wolf as Skyman
  • Tara Strong as Patricia Dugan
  • Elizabeth Daily as Barbara Whitmore-Dugan
  • Will Friedle as Blue Beetle
  • Jason Marsden as Paco
  • Ashley Johnson as Brenda Del Vecchio
  • Jesse Corti as Alberto Reyes
  • Maria Canals as Bianca Reyes
  • Nancy Cartwright as Milagro Reyes
  • David Kaye as Dragon King
  • Nicole Tom as Shiv (Dragon King's daughter)