The cat trap is the thirty-fifth episode of Batman: The brave and the bold.  Catwoman tries to steal various stuff from several of Batman's enemies, but gets captured by them.


The Music Meister plays a song that forces Black Canary and Huntress to dance uncontrollably, luckily Batman and Green Arrow came to their rescue, wearing earplugs and defeating the villain.


Meanwhile in a secret abandoned warehouse in Gotham, Catwoman was about to steal a rare golden cat statue from the Penguin. She knocks his bodyguards out and gets passed the security system. The Penguin used knockout gas as his henchmen places Catwoman in a chair and pushed a button that pins her arms and legs to the chair. She wakes up and finds herself bound to the chair as Penguin laughs at the feline villain. Just as he leaves, Catwoman escape and steals one of his umbrellas. Just then, Catwoman was going to get the Joker's money, but traps her feet in glue, she was caught in Poison Ivy's vines, strapped to a x shaped metal object by Black mask, and had her feet frozen by Mr. Freeze. Catwoman then goes back to her apartment and dreams if Batman will fall in love with her.


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